Time for Schools to Provide Accessible surveillance to Parents

Posted by ifihomes on 15th Sep 2017

Indian schools are very low on security and need of the hour is to provide comprehensive security arrangements due to increasing crime ratesReports of abuse and recent incident of death are quite d … read more

Make Your Home Safer - Protect Your Family & Home

Posted by Matt J on 5th Sep 2017

Burglary in India has fluctuated substantially in recent years. The crime rate in 2017 decreased during the first month despite the overall decline that happened in 2016 which can be read in The Ti … read more

Questions you MUST ask before purchasing an IP Camera

Posted by ifihomes on 31st May 2017

Once you choose to go with an IP Camera as a surveillance device, you must find answers to following questions to choose the right model of IP Camera(s)What is the Purpose of the IP CAMERA? What c … read more