IFIhomes in News

Posted by on 7th Sep 2016

In our journey as a start up journey in smart & green homes ,we have been active in various social medias, These contributions have given birth to tremendous successes and lots of lessons to learn … read more

How to setup/Configure a HD IP Camera

Posted by ifihomes on 25th Jul 2016

All latest IP cameras work on P2P technologies and come with its own mobile app, lets take the example of FOSCAM cameras they come with two mobile apps FOSCAM Cloud app and FOSCAM Viewer appMost of th … read more

How much time it takes to charge a solar power bank?

7th Jun 2016

Every solar enthusiast always wonders on how much cost saving he anticipates and what is the ROI (return on investment) when he plans to buy a solar productWhen it comes to the case of solar power … read more

Saving Battery Life in Mobile Phones

Posted by Vivek, ifihomes on 29th Mar 2016

          When you've used your phone or tablet for some time, you will notice the recent apps list grows long. If you think closing these apps running in the background wil … read more