IFITech™ Solar Dual-mode LED wall Light with motion sensor -Rev2D

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  • 120 Lumens super-bright LED,white light
  • Replaceable big battery (1500mAh), can support 3-4 nights lighting on full charge
  • Easy to install on wall and ideal for decoration
  • Automatically sense day or night
  • 0.66 Watt solar panel, 17% efficiency, can use more than 5 years
  • Dual-Mode Lighting:

       Mode A: Dim/Full Bright With motion sensor 

                  Dim: Low power standby

                  Full Bright: Motion Activated

       Mode B: Full Bright (Without PIR motion sensor)

  • Water proof with IP65
  • Solar charging time 8-9 Hours
Product Application Areas
Public Square/ Plaza/Courtyard/Garden/ Park/Street/Roadway/pathway/Parking Lot/Private road/Sidewalk/Campus/Airfield/Farms & Ranch/Perimeter Security/ Wildlife area/Military Base

Package includes:

  •  1 IFITech Solar Wall Light
  •  2 Screws ( for attaching the supporting cover to the wall )
  •  2 Small Screws ( for attaching the lamp to the supporting cover)
  •  1 Pin ( for On/Off switch)
  •  1 User Manual