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Posted by Matt J on 5th Sep 2017

Burglary in India has fluctuated substantially in recent years. The crime rate in 2017 decreased during the first month despite the overall decline that happened in 2016 which can be read in The Times of India.

Whether a particular area has a high burglary count or not, your home should be the haven for your family. Investing in a good burglar system is an excellent way to get a good night’s sleep, but there are many other things one can do to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

Fake it

There are many ways to make burglars rethink of approaching your home. For one, you can install a dummy surveillance camera that will make the thief think your home is being watched. Whenever you leave the house, make sure to wave goodbye to the people staying behind even when no one is inside. If you love dogs, then why not get yourself a best friend who is a protector as well. One can also put up a fake sign, indicating that you have a watchdog or alarm system while you do not.

Think like an intruder

Inspect your home from all angles. Any vulnerable areas where a burglar might be able to get in should be examined. When you look through the window, make sure the alarm system is not visible or reflects in a mirror nearby. The thief should not be able to see whether the alarm system is unarmed. If it is possible, you should avoid having valuable items, like electronics, being visible from the windows. Do not let flyers build up on your porch as it might appear like you are on vacation.


Make sure there are no potential places where the intruders can lurk, by keeping large bushes and shrubs away from windows. It is, however, a clever idea to add small rose bushes outside the window which will act as a layered defence which can alert you if someone tries to break in. Make sure your lawn is trimmed. Otherwise, burglars might think that you are away on vacation.


Lights that have timers can be installed indoors or outdoors which will give the impression that someone inside the house is alert. A dark yard can seem very inviting for an intruder. Therefore solar lights on the roof which charge during the day and turn on during the night will light up your lawn in the dark.

When on holiday

Never make it obvious that you're leaving for vacation, as intruders might be watching certain homes in the neighbourhood. Make sure you load the car out of sight or if that is impossible, then do it quickly and do not seem too obvious. Ask your neighbour to pick up your mail or ask the post office to hold your post and flyers while you are out of town. Last but not least, leave the bragging about your trip out of the social pages, at least until you return.

Invest in your home

If you have weak door frames, then you should reinforce your door jambs which can help prevent your doors from 

being kicked in. When you are leaving for vacation or have sliding doors and windows which are not used often, you can insert a wooden dowel or metal bar into the tracks when closed. The wooden dowel or metal bar will prevent the sliding doors or windows from being pried open. Windows which are double glazed or toughened are a sound investment as they are harder to smash.

Smart Security

Finally, the most secure option is to invest in a smart security system which will give you the ultimate piece of mind. Technology today is changing rapidly, and there are many smart systems to help you secure your home. Smart security can help you monitor your home when you're away. You will get notified when doors or windows are not locked and can then remotely control them from one area in your home or even from the office. Any suspicious motion around your home will be detected in no time which you can view on your phone.

Adapting apartment security challenges

Some might not have the luxury of living in a home where the security options are up to us. When renting an apartment, you might lack the lighting outside or the pet by your side. The one big advantage people who live in an apartment block might have, is the closeness of their community. Getting to know your neighbours and coming together to make the apartment building more secure for everyone is your best bet.

Most, if not all, apartment buildings have a landlord who takes care of the maintenance around the flats. You and your fellow neighbours should stand together making sure that the security needs of the building are taken care of by the landlord. A list of security adaptations might include, efficient lighting in the parking area and hallways, a secure main entrance door that can lock and that can include a working intercom phone for every apartment and security cameras at the entry of the building and hallways if possible. If the maintenance budget of the building allows it, a security guard can even be hired to be on guard around the clock. In the case where you do not have very helpful neighbours or a landlord who is not willing to make an effort, then the best option would be to invest in a small security system for your single apartment

Homes should be a place where you can enjoy comfort and feel secure. Therefore besides taking the simple precautions that can scare intruders away, it is important to find a security system that will make you and your family feel safe. Once you have found the perfect one that fits your style and budget, it is crucial that every member of the household knows how to operate the system as knowledge means power.

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