Tenants guide to securing a rented home - Doing it the right way

Posted by ifihomes on 7th Sep 2017

        Many Indians live in rented houses, apartments either in small or large layouts. Bigger the city higher the tenants than home owner, with soaring real estate prices, it is becoming more and more difficult to own a home

        At the same time changing mind set of millennials, who are willing to spend money on gaining varying experience’s than buying assets, the choice of renting a house looks more meaningful to them than owning one

        This being said, it is absolutely must to make sure whether home is own or rented, one needs to invest in securing the place to protect family and the belongings

Tenants, who are looking for a place to rent must look at home security at two fronts

  • Taking necessary precautions when renting the home
  • Take necessary steps to ensure security while living in that home

While renting the house, check for following items

Area / Location is most important aspect also the cost of rental changes based on location, do research on safety as aspect as well before reaching out to brokers/home owners

Main door How strong it is and any additional safety features added over the top

Windows How accessible are they? How strong are they, are reinforced with grills?

Reinforcement’s additional reinforcements at main door and all other access doors is provided or needed? Do keep in mind more you lockdown your home, more it is difficult to get out in case of emergencies like (fire/earthquake/flooding). These reinforcements should be difficult for others to enter-in but not for you to get out

Accessibility is the property accessible to outsiders easily? Like the house in on the boundaries of the layouts, is it reachable from balconies? Terrace easily?

Existing security features are there any already in place like below

Access restrictions and people movement in/out for layouts

Security Guards at main entrance of the layout

Access cards/smart apps given to residents and vendors to get in

Security cameras in the premises to monitor the movement

Alarm systems installed on the boundaries of the layout to alerts break-ins

Current neighbour A family trying to rent a home would prefer a family next door, not a shared apartment or sublet home with multiple inhabitants. Knowing more about next door neighbour before renting is a better in many ways than just security aspect

Securing the home after Renting home/apartment

There are growing need to go for home security cameras and systems, Yes they have become affordable now with latest IP technology allowing you to look at your home from anywhere either be it office/outstation/on vacation

There are many reasons to have these to view live and record the events in and around the house

  • Children at home are managed by House Maid for working parents

  • Cook/Maid visit the place after you leave for office
  • Aged parents need to be monitored time and again
  • Landlord has a key to my apartment who stays next door
  • Suspicious activities next door, afraid of unwanted troubles;
  • Recent theft incidents nearby during day time
  • New to the place, you don’t know and feel unsafe;
  • Sublet places are not safe for your valuable item, keep an eye on
  • Former tenants may have access to my house, yet to replace old main door lock
  • House can have weak spots inside like balcony/loos windows/terraces
  • Apartment is not guarded, anyone or strangers could get into the building;

It is always stays safe than repent later in the matters of home security

If you are looking for options of adding smart security in and around your apartment, such as IP security cameras, you can look at best practices home security.

First question that needs to be addressed here is -

Many layouts and apartment complexes have security/CCTV cameras installed in common areas, few landlords to install surveillance cameras around the rental property, This can be a look at as safety measure as well can breach privacy of a tenant.

Can a tenant have Security IP Cameras around the apartment/home??

This question strikes a chord with millions of apartment dwellers, many may be looking for advice on securing their rented apartments/homes.

Well, answer is not a straight forward.

If you are open to Wi-Fi security cameras , wireless alarm system or IP Door Bells then, these involves no physical wiring or literally no drilling on the walls, resulting no damages to the property, Such cases the answer is YES

But it’s always recommended that get a consent from home owner and apartment associations in case you are living in community (for installing IP camera devices outside your home)

Property damages can lead to issues with landlords, so taking a consent and updating about the modifications can help. It is important to notify landlord beforehand to avoid unnecessary disputes later, as well as drawing up some sort legal document to protect your legal right in cases there is any dispute in the future, just to be safe.

Many tenants want to install security cameras outside their rented place to keep close watch on the people coming and going across. In case you are planning to install outdoor security cameras, maybe it would be better you and other tenants work together to ask landlords/management community to install security cameras in common areas to avoid unnecessary outlay or hassles with neighbours.


Tenants either renting a house or apartment unit are entitled to feel safe. Security measures in place are essential to protect you and your family. No matter what kind of security measures you are aiming for, it’s vital to be in tandem with property owner, apartment association, or land lord to eliminate misunderstanding and loss of security deposit amounts towards damages to the property in taking security measure

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