Questions you MUST ask before purchasing an IP Camera

Posted by ifihomes on 31st May 2017

Once you choose to go with an IP Camera as a surveillance device, you must find answers to following questions to choose the right model of IP Camera(s)What is the Purpose of the IP CAMERA? What c … read more

IP Camera's Information Guide

Posted by ifihomes on 23rd Feb 2017

What does an IP Camera mean ? An IP camera is a video camera that is networked over a Fast Ethernet connection or else it is known as a network camera. The IP camera sends its signals to the main … read more

What are some disadvantages of solar energy?

Posted by ifihomes on 19th Oct 2016

Solar Energy is abundant, non-polluting and un-ending. This energy can be tapped and used by different ways like complete Integrated Independent products and Rooftop solar panels with/without grid i … read more