IFITech™ Mood based LED Lights - Outdoor, Pathways

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Corridor, Common Area, Stair Cases, Pathways, large garden areas are are lit up entire night, while the required cumulative time as per the research is less than 4 hours. 
This means there is a wastgae of more than 60% of power during non usage hours.

We have Smart solutions that understand lights to go dim if there is no presence around, this Conserves power, Reduce carbon footprint and results in contributing towards the environment

These LED Landscape Mood Light is the Excellent decorative and functional product for large layouts, gated communities, row houses, apartment complexes, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs….

Lights have multiple solid colors or Natural White or the RGB color chaning functions. Choose the color to bring different amazing atmosphere and mood 

All products come with inbuilt batteries (rechargable) and made of water proof material (IP65 etc) to sustain all weather conditions.


* Contact customer care to discuss the best suited lights

* Prices vary based on the light model, quantity and the funtionality required

* Installation services are charged extra.

* All orders take 45-60 days to delivery.