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IFITech Smart Home Automation Starter Kit- Wireless Automate Home with WiFi Indoor IP Cameras, PIR Sensors, Door Sensor, Smart Siren| Alexa/Google Home Controlled | IFISmartLife App

  • IS IP CAMERA SUFFICIENT? - IP Cameras provide sense of security with live view/motion detection/SD card recordings but not every room can have cameras for privacy reasons, Choose battery based sensors that trigger sirens/live recording/motion alerts.
  • WHY MULTIPLE APPs? - When going with smart devices each company and each product comes with its own app and results in multiple apps and no interchangeability options, not any more- IFITech smart home store has all products can be controlled with one app
  • NEED OF COMPREHENSIVE SECURITY - Having just a sensor/camera can never assure you of the safety of the house, This Kit provides not only intrusion alerts but also warns you when there is door/window breakage
  • DIY WIRELESS AUTOMATION - NO HUBs/ No Cluttering wires running through the house. Simple DIY (do it yourself) Wi-Fi based devices that can be configured easily with one app.
  • ALEXA/GOOGLE HOME/IFTTT - IFITech devices not only work with smart phone app but can be integrated with Alexa/google home/ IFTTT. just tell alexa to do what you want

While IP Cameras provide right details and alerts but they can't be cover all areas in at home/office. also providing continuous power to them is a challenge Battery based sensors give better alerts in Indian as power supply is not always reliable

mobile app alerts are descrete and instant, these alarms can be connected with other security devices (using IFI Smart Life app)like PIR sensor/door alarm/IP Camera and create comprehensive security for homes/offices

IFI Smart Life - Comprehensive Range of Smart Home Products

IFITech New Range of Smart Home Products are offered under one roof with ONE APP
Take care of your family and Home with Range of Wi-Fi based smart home devices,that can be integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT.

IFITech Home Automation Introductory Kit offers following Smart Home Devices -
1. Indoor 1MP HD IP Camera - 1 Unit
2. Wi-Fi Based Sensors - 1 Unit
3. Smart Door/Window Sensors - 2 Unit
4. Wi-Fi Smart Siren- 1 Unit
5. Choose any specific model you wish to add from the product list (pricing would change as per the selection).

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