IFI Technology Pvt Ltd, the company which owns and operates IFI Homes, is deeply committed to its avowed corporate philosophy of providing equal employment opportunity to people fulfilling the knowledge and skill requirement for any defined role within the organization irrespective of gender, age, physical disability, religion, nationality, race, color, sexual orientation, and / or kinship.

All jobs within the organization are suitable for both women and men and the jobs are not classified as gender specific. Hence, both men and women are always encouraged to apply for available positions.

The Management provides a uniform career growth path to all the employees, without exception, based on the standard job performance parameters that are applicable to different functional and managerial roles within the organization.

The senior management and team leads are also educated about eliminating any obvious or subtle discriminatory practices at the workplace.

Our Equal Opportunity Policy is implemented not only to comply with all legal requirements but also to encourage every team member to rise to the pinnacle of their individual capability and professional experience. Toward this, the Management also explores training and development opportunities for the managerial, technical and support team members to enhance their skills that help in their career advancement within the organization.

The company's human resource manager is responsible for the implementation of this policy.