Product Description

This is a watch specially designed for Parents to stay connected (Connect2kidz) with their kids and is a safe first calling phone. Parents can stay in touch in a relaxed and pleasant way then a full functional smartphone in the hands of the child. This watch phone is ideal for any parent who cares about their child safety. They can control and set the watch through the APP.
  • Key Features:
  • 2G Network (JIO SIM not compatible)
  • Time Display
  • Voice Call, SOS Call
  • Remote Camera
  • Class Mode, Sound Guardian
  • LBS Based Location
  • Splash Resistant
  • Voice Chat
  • Do Not Disturb Mode - Activate it as school timing
  • Alarm Clock
  • [Two-Way Communication]: The watch is safe mobile phone for Child, making and receiving voice calls like mobile phone. SETLBS02 Watch allows to Save up to 10 phone numbers from the App. [Note]- The watch will only accept phone calls from numbers which have been added in application.
  • [SOS Call]: SETLBS02 Watch allows to Save 3 numbers in the app for SOS function, In an emergency situation, pressing and holding the SOS button for three seconds to make SOS call. [Note]- Watch will keep calling these 3 numbers one by one twice until the call is answered.
  • [Remote Camera]: Parents can remotely take a photo with the camera built into this SETLBS02 smartwatch via phone app to know the surrounding around their child. And feel comfortable seeing child surrounding when calls don't get answered.
  • [Class Mode- Do Not Disturb]: Ensure your child's focus on study by activating Class Mode on this SETLBS02 smartwatch during school hours to prevent distractions from calls/messages. Note: During Class Mode- Watch features will be disabled except Date/Time, Location Tracking, Sound Guardian.
  • [Sound Guardian (Remote voice monitor)]: In an emergency situation, the watch allows parents to activate call back function without kids knowledge and listen in to what is happening around them.
  • [LBS Based Location Identification]: SETLBS02 smartwatch with LBS position technology provided for kids safety. At the same time, parents can check the kids location (Area/locality) anytime, anywhere via Phone App. Note: LBS Based tracking is done by using GSM cell towers of local mobile phone service providers. Tracking through LBS is less precise when compared to GPS, LBS Based Location shown can be as far as 500M or more.
  • [Splash Resistant]: The new upgraded kids smartwatch has Splash Resistant and dust proof rating, which is perfect for kids to wear. Watch can sustain normal water splashes in daily use only. Note: SETLBS02 device SHOULD NOT be used in rain, bathing and swimming.
  • [Voice Chat]: The watch is capable of sending and receiving voice messages, useful when child or parent can't make phone call.
  • [SIM Card Supported]: We provide Smartwatch ONLY, We recommend Airtel, Vodaphone SIM Cards mainly. This watch DOESN'T work with JIO & BSNL SIM. SIM Card Required (Not provided).

Q-1. Which type SIM card required for SETLBS02 watch ?
Answer: The watch works with Airtel/Vodafone 2G/3G/4G SIM but it should support 2G data. The watch will not work with Jio SIM.
Q-2. Date & Time Settings ?
Answer: This settings will automatically work after watch gets GSM network connectivity with active SIM card.
Q-3. Watch charging recommendation ?
Answer: Please note this watch charges with Adaptor of ( Output: 1Amp to 2 Amp & 5V) only. Do not use any fast chargers with it.
Q-4. Is this watch has video calling option ?
Answer: No, this model doesn't support, Check SETRCK4GW model watch.
Q-5. Watch Battery life ?
Answer: Standby time - 30 hrs. Typical use time 6-8 hours once fully charged, Please Follow the below suggestions to get optimum performance of watch battery !
1. Do not use any fast chargers to charge this watch.
2. Do not keep it on charge for more than 3 hours, Only 2-3 hours required for fully charge.
Note: Battery Comes Only 6 Months Warranty- For more info reach out to technical support.
Q-6. Is this waterproof watch ?
Answer: No, This watch is not fully waterproof but it can sustain normal water splashes in daily use only. Note: this device SHOULD NOT be used in rain, bathing and swimming.
Q-7. Is there any subscription charge or annual fee for the watch ?
Answer: There are no additional / annual maintenance charges for the watch. However, the SIM card service charges need to be paid as per the data plan that you have opted for.
Q-8. What is the difference between LBS and GPS ?
Answer: LBS location is obtained from the nearest mobile (GSM) tower, whereas the GPS location is derived when the watch gets connected to GPS satellites.

  • Package Included:-
  • 1 x SeTracker SETLBS02 kids calling watch
  • 1 x Magnetic Charging cable
  • 1 x Screw Driver
  • User manual
Warranty terms : Battery carries only 6 months warranty - No warranty for Accessories, cables or Tools supplied - Warranty Does Not Cover Damages Resulting From Accidents, Mishandling Or Tampering. - Warranty will be validated against purchased site order number/invoice copy.

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