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[Touchless/Hands-free Operation]: IFITech Faucet Equipped with a built-in dual sensor. This faucet automatically activates water flow when your hands enter the sensing area, Thus the flow of water starts only when the hands move under it and turns the water flow off when hands move away. This Method Eliminates the need for touch and minimizing cross-contamination.

[Built-in Dual Sensors]: 1.Bottom Sensor: Move your hand under the faucet to start water flow, flow of water stops automatically when hand moves out; 2.Side Sensor: Swipe your hand over the side sensor, The faucet will activated and water flow continuously and water flow will only stops when the hand swipe again. (Note: Water flow will stops automatically in 3 minutes if forgot to hand swipe again, hence saving the precious water)

[Save Money & Save Water]: IFITech faucet comes with aerator and only runs water when needed, Automatically shuts off the water when you pull your hands away. And hence helps in reducing water bills for homes and offices, Prevents water wastage. It's perfect for children washroom and anyone who wants to conserve water.

[Rechargeable Battery]: The touchless faucet adapter has a built-in long-lasting lithium battery which is easy to charge with given micro USB port - Each charge lasts an average 30-60 days (Typical Home Use), Recommendation: Remove the sensor faucet from the tap and then connect the charging cable to charge it (Do not charge while it's connected to tap). 

[Durable Construction]: This device made of high quality ABS with a minimalist design and compact size Which makes it more durable and helps in long term use. The touchless faucet adapter can be used in Kitchen, Kids Bathroom, Bathroom or other places where it's required.

[Easy Installation]: All necessary installation parts are included, making it easy to install with the help of the installation manual, so you can enjoy the touchless experience in no time, No complex plumbing required.

[Compatible with most types of modern taps]: The sensor faucet comes with 6 adapters that are compatible with major standard faucets in Indian market. Existing taps in your home can be convert to sensor tap using this device, No new tap needs to be bought.

Technical Specifications:
Sensing Range: 0-7 CM
Require Water Pressure: 0.05-0.8MPa
Battery: 2200 mAh Li-ion
Rechargeable Port: Micro USB (5V)
Once fully charged works for about 3K to 4K sensor operations.
Battery Standby Time: 3 Months 
Product Weight: ~110 Grams
Power Consumption: 0.2mW
Ambient Temperature: 0 – 55°C
Size: 6 X 3.4 X 5 CM

Package Included:
1 x IFITech Touchless Water Saving Sensor Faucet
6 x Adapters
1 x Spanner
User Manual

General Product FAQ:

Q. Water Leakage
Answer: These are the major reason for water leakage !
1. If you forgotten to use rubber washer (Mesh filter) with connector. Make sure to use the rubber washer (mesh filter) provided while installing the tap.
2. If connector is not tighten with tap properly.

Q. Water Flow is Very Low 
Answer: Sensor Faucet needs sufficient water pressure of water to make it work normally. These are the reason for low water flow !
1. If your tap original pressure is low then the output for this sensor faucet will be further lower, (Require water pressure: 0.05-0.8MPa).
2. If your water has lot of calcium particles that can cause the blockage of water filter, make sure to clean faucet nozzle regularly.

Q. Faucet Battery Life
Answer: Standby time - 3 Months; Once fully charged works about 3K to 4K sensor operations which is almost 3 months for a typical home use. Please Follow the below suggestions to get optimum performance of sensor faucet battery !
1. Before first time use please charge the unit for 4 hours.
2. Do not keep it on charge for more than 4 hours, Only 3-4 hours required for fully charge.

Q. Suddenly Stopped Working
Answer: Remove the unit and keep for charging for about 4 hours.

Warranty Terms: 6 (Six) Months Repair Warranty From The Date of Invoice against any manufacturing Defects In Material And Workmanship. Note warranty terms- - Battery carries only 6 months warranty - No warranty for Accessories, cables or Tools supplied - Warranty Does Not Cover Damages Resulting From Accidents, Mishandling Or Tampering. - Warranty will be validated against purchased site order number/invoice copy.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
"A very smart faucet!"

"I just received this faucet, and I have to say, it was very simple to install. It didn't take longer than 30 minutes for me to hook it up to the bottom of my sink. I definitely enjoyed using this faucet!"

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