Product Description

  • Wide Angle Airborne Virus Cleaning - 360°wider UV light can kill the bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold more efficiently. Provide a healthier living environment to your family/ offices/ hospitals/clinics
  • Long Battery Back UP - Comes with inbuilt 1000 mAh battery, Works for up to 2-3 Hours. Sterilizes area up to 2㎡ or 6 Feet By 6 Feet Area
  • Portable/Convenient - Easy to carry around any where in the house and just the start the light. Easy to carry around in travel. Compact and lightweight design, it won't take much space, convenient to place and store
  • Easy USB Charging - Convenient charging using USB cable any where, Battery lasts up to 3 hours of sterilization
  • Usable in Cars/Room - Easy to carry and sterilize cars/ rooms /wardrobe / Chambers / Storage Boxes / Shoe Racks etc

This indoor portable UV lamp features 360 degree cleaning effect, powerful and efficient. places it into wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bathroom etc to clean the air and objects.

Attention !
Safety tips for human eyes and skin
1. To avoid exposure to skin and eyes, ultraviolet radiation will pose a great danger to human eyes and skin, please be careful.
2. The UVC lamp has built-in settings of a delay of 10 seconds to light up.
3. When the device is operating, it may cause an odor similar to that which occurs after rain. It is normal. 
4. It is recommended to use indoors.
5. During the operation there should be NO people, animals, plants in the area.
6. After the sterilization, the room MUST be well ventilated.

Color: White
Specification: Material: ABS + PC
Rated voltage: 5 V
Color White
Rated Power 3.8 W
Battery capacity: 1000 mAh.(Built in)
Charging Interface Micro USB Interface
Effect Area: <2㎡
Size: 57 x 57 x 125mm.
UV Wave Range 254nm
Sterilization Efficiency 99.9%
Package Include 1PCS Lamp +1PCS User Manual+1USB Wire
Application Bathroom, cabinets, chambers, shoe rack, Kitchen, Wardrobe, Lobby, Cars
Net Weight 116.2g

Charging : About 3 hours
Working period available: About 100 minutes

Operating Method:
Press the button, blue light begin to flicker, 1 second 1 time, after 30 seconds, uv light begins to work. the light is blue during working.
After 30-minute working time, it will be off automatically.

The red light is flickering when charging. it maintains red after fully charged.

Package includes:
1x UV light.(Battery built in)
1x USB cable.
1x Manual.

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