Product Description

 IFITech Solar Pillar Light for all OUTDOOR location, it can be installed without fear of environmental damage.

[Unique Design]: The solar Pillar light is specially designed in the shape of elegant Cup design with improved function of both illumination and decoration.

[Intelligent Energy-saving}: Auto on at dusk and switches off at sunrise.

[Easy Installation]: Simply install at any outdoor location that needs lighting, no hassle of wires & switches.

[LEDs & Battery]: Super-bright LEDs generating 100 lumens brightness of light. Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery(2000mAh).

[Working Time]: Charges during day and runs for over 12~16 hours (Depending on charge).

यह सोलर लाइट का उपयोग अपने बगीचे, गलियारा, गाड़ी पार्किंग, ऑगन और सड़क इत्यादि जगहो पर कर सकते है जहाँ सूर्य की रोशनी सीधे इसके सोलर पैनल पर पड़े। यह सौर प्रकाश सुन्दर डिजाइन कप के आकार में बनाया गया है और यह वाटरप्रूफ भी है। यह रात होते ही अपने आप ऑन हो जायेगा क्योकि इस लाइट मे दिन रात बताने वाला सेंसर लगा है । यह लाइट धुप में कम से कम 7 से 8 घण्टे चार्ज करने पर  2 से 3 दिन तक उजाला दे सकता है ।


Great outdoor/Gardens, Aisle, Road, Driveway, Pathway, Parking Lot, Sidewalk, Campus etc.


Waterproof solar light has over charge / over discharge protection and IP65 rating.


Automatically turns on at night and switches off at sunrise with built-in light sensor. Also button switch provided on light to switch off/on manually.

Warranty terms : Battery carries only 6 months warranty - No warranty for Accessories, cables or Tools supplied - Warranty Does Not Cover Damages Resulting From Accidents, Mishandling Or Tampering. - Warranty will be validated against purchased site order number/invoice copy.

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