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IFITech 1080P HD Hidden Camera cum USB Charger can be placed for surveillance of home and office. This is easy to use device smartly detects motion using its 70° viewing angle and simultaneously records HD AVI content that can viewed on a computer using a cable or card reader connecting the device. The facility to charge mobiles is an add-on.

Key Features:

  1. 1080P Video Clarity
  2. 70° Wide Angle
  3. Minimum 8GB - Maximum 128GB Memory Card Support
  4. Support FAT32 formatted SD card Only (SD card not provided with device)
  5. Two Recording Modes: 1. Continuous Recording, 2. Motion Based Recording
  6. Camera can be used anywhere with help of power bank 
  7. Two types of camera recording mode
  8. Note: This camera need good lighting for quality video and can't record in full dark.
  • [1080P Video Clarity]: This camera provides high quality 1080P HD video. You can see crystal clear videos with 70° wide-angle lens.
  • [Two Recording Modes]: 
  1. Continuous Recording [L]: Camera will keep recording in a loop on the SD Card, if the SD card storage fills up, camera will overwrite the old recorded files.
  2. Motion Based Recording [M]: Camera will record only when it detects motion in front of it, thus saving the storage space of SD Card. 

Note: Camera records multiple videos, of each file is of 5-minute duration.

  • [Easy to use]: The plug & play surveillance camera is support FAT32 format SD card and requires no prior setting. Insert SD card, plug the device into a power socket and the video recording will begin. The recording will cease the moment the device is unplugged. The video content recorded on the SD card can be viewed by connecting the USB device to a computer/ with OTG connector to Mobile.
  • [Where To Use]: Ideal for monitoring staff at office, Godown, prevention of theft / shop lifting or to keep an eye on movement of specially-abled, elders and children in the family, pets, and others at home.
Technical Specification:
  • Video Format: AVI
  • Video Code: M-JPEG
  • Resolution: 1920*1080P
  • Battery Backup: No (Needs always power supply) 
  • Loop Record: YES
  • Voltage: DC-5V
  • Video Frame Rate: 19.95 frames/second
  • Motion Detection Range : Up to 6 Feet
  • Night Vison Option: No

Package included:  
1 x IFIADPTCAM USB Charger Camera 
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual

[General Product FAQ]:

1. Camera Heating issue
Answer: It is normal due to continuous video recording, ensure the place has some ventilation to dissipate the heat. It's because of its small form factor there is not much space for heat to come out except USB port. Its normal unless the place where its installed is not very hot.

Example: Even mobile phone heats up when we continuously record video or play video for hrs together.

2. Video Quality Seems Blurry

Answer: There are 2 reasons of video quality is blurry

  1. Poor lighting will affect video quality having sufficient lighting at the place will improve the video clarity.
  2. Due to small viewing angle there will be reduced clarity, please clean the lid periodically to improve the video clarity.

3. Memory Card CONSUMPTION is HIGH

Answer: Yes, This basic easy to use camera has no Wi-Fi or high compression mechanism it would record in regular video format only.

4. Sound recording not clear

Answer: Camera can capture normal conversation is about 60 dB sound up to 8 feet distance clearly. Note: camera can't capture whisper sound & if there is loud noise or Fan noise close to camera can cause this.

5. Motion recording do not work properly, some time it's continuously record without any motion

Answer: Motion activation recording is based on software and sometime they don't capture movement far or for very short duration.

6. Camera recording during dark is poor

Answer: This camera needs good lighting for quality video and can't record in full dark.

7. Camera Recording angle is very less

Answer: Hidden cameras have pinhole camera lens that reduces the viewing angle.

8. How much time will it record with 8/16/32/64/128 GB memory card ?

Answer: The camera can be record video with 8GB- 45 min, 16GB- 90 min, 32GB- 180 min, 64GB- 360 min, 128GB- 720 min.

9. Is Camera will record continuous video without split file ?

Answer: No, Camera records multiple videos, of each file is of 5-minute duration.

10. How to record using a power bank ?

Answer: Connect the camera to a power bank using USB cable which provided. Please Do not simultaneously connect the device to electric power socket.

11. This camera can do both recording and charging Simultaneously ?

Answer: Yes, Can be charge your cell phone or other USB electronic devices while the camera records. But do not use a data transfer cable for charging as it would stop the camera from recording; use charging cables only. 

12. Phone charging function is not working properly

Answer: This USB can only charge feature phones only not for fast charging large battery smart phones.

Warranty terms : Battery carries only 6 months warranty - No warranty for Accessories, cables or Tools supplied - Warranty Does Not Cover Damages Resulting From Accidents, Mishandling Or Tampering. - Warranty will be validated against purchased site order number/invoice copy.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Poor customer aervice

Customer support operates between 9 30 AM to 6 30 PM, they provide half information and ask you to call back , installation is a pain I bought this product and no use
Technician come manager Shubansu denied to speak and help and poor customer care executive doesn’t have any basic knowledge and she says please understand my situation I have to go by my manager Himanshu again I have to fight for Tomorrow, strongly recommend please look for better service provider

Capture Every Detail, Feel Every Safe!

I never thought a security camera could offer so much . These CCTV cameras capture every detail with incredible clarity, making me feel safer than ever.

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