Product Description

[USER-FRIENDLY]: The door bell chime have 2 modes choices (LED Flash/Sound and LED Flash), 4 levels volume adjustment and 38 Ringtones to choose.

[EFFECTIVE DISTANCE]: Working range is up to 5 meters (15 Feet- With no interference). Infrared sensing distance is 3 meters (15 Feet). It can be successfully used for Home, Office, Shop, Hotel or other Buildings.

[PIR TECHNOLOGY]: Our sensor uses state-of-the-art passive-infrared (PIR) sensor to detect any movement within the detection range. Perfect for back door, pacent room, long or hidden driveways and allows you a fore warning when guests (or intruders) are approaching.

[APPLICATIONS]: It is not just a alert, you could use it as an intruder alarm, alleyway alarm, critter detector, car alarm(interior), warehouse monitor, supply closet alarm, garage and tool shed monitor, mailbox sensor, front door or walkway detection. Also great to alert business owners that are working in the back, or out of sight, to customers entering their store. Use as a signal when pet is ready to come in or out.

[EASY INSTALLATION]: As for this visitor chime, there are no wires to run, no installation hassles, the sensor is wall mountable. You just need to put in the batteries(not included), and place the wireless motion sensor and alarm receiver wherever you prefer.

Working Voltage of the Receiver: 110V-240V
Working Voltage of the PIR Sensor: USB 5V or 3 AAA batteries
Battery of the PIR Sensor: 3 * AAA batteries (Note included)
Working Range: Up to 5 meters (15 Feet)
Infrared sensing distance: 3 meters (15 Feet)
Receiver size: 7.6 x 8 x 3.3 Cm
PIR Sensor size: 8 x 5.9 x 4.5 Cm
Weight: 0.2kg

Follow the steps for usage:
1. Place the correct batteries in the detector.
2. Make sure that the batteries have been put in the proper positions.
3. Mount the detector properly by the front door, window frame, driveway, walk path, backyard or anywhere you need.
4. Then switch on the receiver and adjust the volume to either hi or lo position.
5. Now the remote detective system is operating with the infrared detect technology.
6. Place the receiver in an easy reaching place.
7. When the detector senses motion,the receiver will make an audible sound and the LED light will flash.
8. Please wait for 30 seconds after switching on detective & receiver to activate.
9. Please install both units above 3 feet ground level for optimal performance.

Warranty terms : Battery carries only 6 months warranty - No warranty for Accessories, cables or Tools supplied - Warranty Does Not Cover Damages Resulting From Accidents, Mishandling Or Tampering. - Warranty will be validated against purchased site order number/invoice copy.

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